Mini ice cream cones
Mini ice cream cones
Mini ice cream sticks
Mini ice cream sticks in a variety of flavors.
Our flavors:
- Classic vanilla: vanilla with milk chocolate coating
- Classic cocoa: cocoa with milk chocolate coating
- Almond: vanilla with chocolate coating with almonds
- Parfait: vanilla with white chocolate coating with almonds
- White: vanilla with white chocolate coating
- Caramel: caramel with chocolate coating with caramel flavor
- Pistachio: pistachio with chocolate coating with pistachio flavor
- Banana: banana with milk chocolate coating
- 0% sugar: vanilla with 0% sugar, 0% fat and milk chocolate coating with 0% sugar
-Sandwich stick
Net weight: 2kg per carton
HORECA Heartmade Ice cream Kri Kri
Kri Kri S.A.
Kri Kri's high standard production plant is located in Northern Greece, in the middle of the fertile valley of Struma and just 3 km from the town of Serres. Having a history since 1954, Kri Kri S.A. produces ice cream and yogurt from 100% Greek milk from Serres and has earned Greek and foreign consumers.
Contact & Support
Kri Kri S.A.
Milk Industry
3rd km Nat. Road of Serres-Drama
62 125 Serres
Tel.: +30 23210 68300
Fax.: +30 23210 68311
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