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Νew Rodeo Black with activated vegetable carbon!

“The Daring Delight!”



Rodeo Black, the first branded black ice cream in Greece, coming this summer from Kri Kri – dares you to experience a whole new dimension of fun and pleasure!


From your favourite black t-shirt or little black bikini to the dark glowing skin of a summer tan, dark is in fashion.  Rodeo Black now takes this trend a daring and delicious step further with its natural Dark Delight!

The launch of a new pure-black ice cream cone from the beloved Rodeo brand is the subject of the newest – and most daring – major campaign from Kri Kri, bringing to Greece for the first time a wildly popular food trend in Europe and the US.  

The impressive black colour and exotic appearance of Rodeo Black is 100% natural and derives from activated vegetable carbon – a natural productknown for its benefits for the human body, especially its detoxifying properties. 

The new Rodeo Black, with its velvety Black Cookies flavour and playful colour, elevates ice-cream madness to a new level and dares you to post your next summer selfies with naughty black lips and tongue – for a totally fresh look.

So let’s learn more about activated vegetable carbon – the magic ingredient which turns Rodeo Black into something deliciously different.


What is activated vegetable carbon – and how is it produced?

Activated vegetable carbon is a natural product derived from bamboo, wood, coconut husks, etc., which, through a special process, is reduced to a delicate black powder that is odourless, tasteless, non-toxic - and possesses a number of very unique qualities.

The surface of these powder molecules are dotted with thousands of microscopic pores which attract, capture and bind any toxic substances they come into contact with.


Benefits of activated vegetable carbon

Aside from its absolutely delicious taste, new Rodeo Black’s activated vegetable carbon offers numerous benefits for the human body, including:

- Its detoxifying properties

- Its contribution to the proper functioning of the body’s digestive system


“Black trivia” – Did you know that…

- Ancient Indians used carbon to purify drinking water?

- the Egyptians used it from at least 1500 B.C. to detoxify their bodies?

- activated vegetable carbon is used to make natural cosmetics, for lustrous, clean skin?

- the absolute black of activated vegetable carbon naturally whitens your teeth, providing a gleaming smile without damaging the enamel, as happens with other tooth whiteners?

- activated vegetable carbon is also an effective hangover cure, used in many pharmaceutical products, providing relief by ridding the body of alcohol’s many toxins? 

After ingesting foods with activated vegetable carbon – the “black effect”

The black colour of vegetable carbon, this natural colouring and detoxifying agent, is apparent even after the process of digestion. It is perfectly natural and common to notice black-coloured bowel movements after ingesting foods or supplements containing activated vegetable carbon. Such bowel movements range from dark to black and can also be observed after eating other coloured foods such as beets.  This phenomenon, called “hyperpigmentation”, is due both to the natural pigmentation of this ingredient and to the fact that activated vegetable carbon goes straight to the intestines, where, before leaving the body, it picks up and carries with it a wide range of toxins, food additives, harmful chemicals and toxic bacteria. Not only does ingesting activated vegetable carbon pose no danger whatsoever to the human organism, it actually cleanses the system by boosting the process of detoxification.

Kri Kri S.A.
Kri Kri's high standard production plant is located in Northern Greece, in the middle of the fertile valley of Struma and just 3 km from the town of Serres. Having a history since 1954, Kri Kri S.A. produces ice cream and yogurt from 100% Greek milk from Serres and has earned Greek and foreign consumers.
Contact & Support
Kri Kri S.A.
Milk Industry
3rd km Nat. Road of Serres-Drama
62 125 Serres
Tel.: +30 23210 68300
Fax.: +30 23210 68311
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