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Terms of Use

1. General

1.1 The Société Anonyme with the trade name "KRI KRI VIOMIHANIA GALAKTOS" and the distinctive title "KRI KRI SA", with headquarters at the 3rd km, Serres-Drama (the "Company"), has created and manages this website "" (the "Website") in order to present its business activities and to promote its products to the Website visitors. Hereinafter, the phrases "us", "we", "our Company" and all similar phrases mean the Company.

1.2 The use of the Website is governed by the general terms, which each visitor/user is invited to read carefully, since its use entails their unreserved acceptance as a total. In case of disagreement with these terms, the visitor/user is obliged NOT TO USE THE WEBSITE. As long the use of any Website service is governed by special terms of use, these constitute a single set with the present terms, but as special terms, they prevail in case of conflict.

1.3 The Website and the information provided therein on products and their promotion only apply to Greek residents. The Company neither promises nor guarantees that the material contained in the Website is suitable, available or relevant to any other country but Greece.

1.4 Any service provided by the Website which, according to the law or their terms, are exclusively addressed to adults, cannot be used by minors; the latter are defined as persons who have not turned eighteen (18). The Company is not responsible if, despite the above, minors who, of their own will, visit the Website or make use of services that may be considered unsuitable for them.

2. Content-Responsibility

2.1 The Company, without guaranteeing and therefore being responsible for, makes every possible effort to ensure that its information and the total content of its Website achieve the maximum accuracy, clarity and completeness. Respectively, each visitor/user accepts that they must assess the posted content and that they are responsible for each risk that the use any Website content may cause, including any of their decisions to rely on the accuracy, completeness, validity and/or usefulness. In no case, including that of negligence, is the Company responsible for any damage that a Website visitor/user may suffer from or as a result of its use. The information, the total content and the services are provided "AS IS".

2.2 The Company is entitled to modify and/or temporarily or permanently interrupt part or all of the Website for reasons of maintenance or upgrading or for any reason, with and/or without any notice to the visitors/users, and it will make reasonable efforts for its maintenance and availability, without guaranteeing its availability which may be affected by the users; equipment, other communication networks, the number of people who attempt to use it at the same time or other reasons.

2.3 Once they visit the Website, its visitor/user accepts that they are responsible for its use and none of the parties involved in the Website creation, production or edition is responsible. Indicatively and without restriction, none of the above is responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential damage (including loss of profit, etc.), for any costs or expenses (including legal, expert and other consultants' fees), which may result directly or indirectly from accessing, using or navigating the Website or from downloading any material, text, pictures, video or audio files that may be posted on it, anything that may have been accidentally caused by a virus, a bug, human activity or its omission, any computer system, telephone line, hardware, software or malfunction (e.g. delay in the transmission by the computer or network connection, etc.). Each visitor/user must see to their own protection (use of antivirus, virus scanner or other protection systems) before using the Website or storing its information, software or content on their devices.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

The total Website content including, indicatively and without restriction, texts, names, trade marks, logos, graphics, imaging, photos, video or audio files and, in general, all kinds of files, are the intellectual property of the Company and are governed by the applicable (national and international) provisions on Intellectual Property, except for the explicitly recognized rights of third parties. Therefore, it is forbidden, explicitly or in any other way or by any other means, in part or in full or as a summary, to reproduce, repost, copy, store, sell, transmit, distribute, edit, execute, download, translate, modify the Website content, unless this is explicitly prescribed. The visitor/user accepts that anything included on the Website constitutes a patented trade mark or product of intellectual property belonging to the Company or third parties (which have granted their permission) and, as a result, that the unauthorized use in any of the above ways may lead to the imposition of a penalty or fine or compensation of the recipient(s).

4. Unlawful or illicit behaviour:

4.1 The Website visitor/user is obliged, on the one hand, to comply with the provisions of Greek, European and International Law  and, on the other hand, to abstain from any unlawful and abusive use of the Website content and services. Any damage caused to the Website or to the Internet, that may result from the misuse or illicit use of the relevant services by the Website visitor/user is fully within the framework of their exclusive responsibility.

4.2 The Website visitor/user is forbidden from publishing, posting and in any way communicating any indecent, profane, defamatory, abusive, intimidating, threatening, illegal pornographic or other material that could constitute (or induce) a behaviour that could be characterized as a criminal offence, result in civil liability, or otherwise violate any other legal provision.

5. Hyperlinks

The Website may, among other things, provide a link to third party websites, who completely control the content they post on their websites and, therefore, bear full (civil and penal) responsibility for the security of their websites and the validity of their content. The visitor/user declare that they acknowledge and accept that the Company is not obliged, no can it control the security and the content of the websites and third party services, for which a link is provided on the Website. The visitor/user is obliged to address directly the providers of these websites for any questions or other issues related to their visit and/or use, and to comply with their terms of use. The Company retains the right to remove, at any time and according to its judgement, links on the Website that lad to third party websites.

6. Revision

The Company retains the right to revise these terms of use for the Website, at any time and for any reason, without a prior announcement or obligation. The user/visitor should regularly refer to them so as to be informed of any potential changes and, as long as they continue their use, it is presumed that they accept the modified terms and conditions of use for the Website. Otherwise, the user/visitor should abstain from using/visiting the Website.

7. Personal Data

The management and protection of Website visitor/user's Personal Data is subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy - Privacy Notice which is posted on the Website and applies in its total, and which every Website user should read.

8. Cookies:

The Website used the "cookies" technology, which allows to identify the visitor/user of various of its services. Cookies are information which a website can store at the visitor/user's navigation application and then retrieve, so as to be able to recognize that visitor during their next visit. The use of cookies by the Website visitor/user is subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy - Privacy Notice which is posted on the Website.

9. Applicable law

9.1 These Terms of Use for the Website are subject to the provisions of the Greek Law and the Directives and Regulations of the European Law, and are interpreted based on the ruled of good faith and customs. In particular, the management of the Website visitor/user's personal data and the terms and conditions of use for "cookies", as described in the terms of the Privacy Policy - Privacy Notice which is posted on the Website, are governed by and subject to the applicable provisions on personal data security and protection, namely REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 "on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data" (General Data Protection Regulation), or GDPR as it is usually called, the pertinent implementing law and the relevant decisions by pertinent bodies and authorities, as currently applicable.

9.2 In case some provision is deemed contrary to the Law and therefore invalid or voidable, it ceases ipso jure to be valid (unless replaced by another, valid one), without violating in any case the validity of the remaining terms. The Courts of Serres are exclusively competent to judge any conflict that may arise as a result of the interpretation of these terms, (by explicit submission of any other jurisdiction).

10. Contact us:

The Website administrator is KRI KRI S.A., with headquarters in 3rd km Nat. Road of Serres-Drama. For any clarification, question or comment on the Website, visitors/users may contact KRI KRI S.A. (i) by phone +30 800 300 3233 or (ii) e-mail or (iii) post Industrial Area of Aspropirgos, Noe Str., Position 2 Pines, 19300 Aspropyrgos, Attica.

Kri Kri S.A.
Kri Kri's high standard production plant is located in Northern Greece, in the middle of the fertile valley of Struma and just 3 km from the town of Serres. Having a history since 1954, Kri Kri S.A. produces ice cream and yogurt from 100% Greek milk from Serres and has earned Greek and foreign consumers.
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